Web Strategy & Front-End Development for Small Businesses


Don’t have a big agency budget, but still need a professional and strategic web presence? You’re in the right place.


I design and build clean, attractive websites that are user-friendly and easy to maintain. All web projects begin by identifying your business requirements to ensure that all structure, layout and design selections support your goals.

All work is custom and quoted accordingly; customized small business websites generally range between $2,750 – $7,750.

Social Media

In today’s competitive marketplace a website is just one facet your online presence. Social media cultivates engagement in the places your customers are already congregating while building inroads to your site for new and existing clients.

All work is custom and quoted accordingly; customized small business social media packages generally start at $250/month.

Contract & Temp Work

It happens – employees need to take leave, your in-house team needs a hand for a big launch, or perhaps you just don’t need a full-time in-house web staff (or the associated overhead!). No worries. I can provide the contract, temporary, or ongoing web support your organization’s needs.

Contract & temp work are billed on an hourly basis. Time estimates are available for project work.

Theme Customization

Need to manage costs? I understand. When your business is getting started you don’t necessarily have the revenue for a custom site, or maybe you’ve simply found a template you love. I can install and customize your WordPress theme or site template.

Theme customizations are billed on an hourly basis. Times estimates are based upon your requirements.